The Spiral Healings Treatment

In treatment we acknowledge this philosophy and both the roots and modern day practice of osteopathy. We also have qualifications and experience in musculoskeletal therapy and rehabilitation, injury rehabilitation and elite sports performance. 

After an initial and whole body/mind assessment, a treatment plan is identified and the number of treatments required to help you resolve your challenge can be mapped. Osteopathic treatments at Spiral Healings involve soft tissue (myofasical) work, gentle cranial and functional osteopathy, muscle energy techniques (MET) and gentle mobilisation of your joints and bones. Treatment allows greater movement, fluid flow and a resulting improvement in vitality.

At Spiral Healings we welcome all ages and walks of life, with a particular interest in women’s health, pregnancy and infants/children.  


The Spiral Healings Philosophy

The heart of who you are is in your DNA. The double helix in DNA is a spiral. 

This essential philosophy is what we bring to our work at Spiral Healings Osteopathy. Not that we directly treat DNA, more as a metaphor for the uniqueness of each individual. DNA signifies uniqueness but it also symbolises the “thread” of humanity that unties us. Without this pattern techniques such as osteopathy wouldn’t have survived over the years. 

We are both unique and the same. 

Our muscle fibres and filaments all contract in spirals, our embryological development relied on twisting, turning and spiralling and it gives us all the same baseline structure. 

On a larger scale, spiral represent moving from the external to the internal dialogue and vice versa. Expanding or contracting, releasing or building dynamically.