Why Do We Refer?

During the process of working with you we sometimes recommend different treatments and practitioners that can assist or could be better suited to your symptoms. We only refer to trusted sources and in fact, people that we use to work on our own health and wellbeing. Some of these are described and linked below. 

Practitioners wishing to refer to Spiral Healings can use the referral form at the bottom of this page. 


Prokinetics Australia


Getting the foundations right is the basis of any good structure.  ProKinetics are insoles that uniquely work with your body to reestablish your foundations. They help realign your posture and in turn improve your body’s functioning. ProKinetics work by naturally activating and balancing the tension in muscles of the foot and leg, impacting the whole body, much like a tensegrity model. These are different from your standard orthotic, which are often rigid and unforgiving to your natural structure and function. As ProKinetics are unique for your individual structure, they need to be fitted correctly by a qualified practitioner, and Vivian has this qualification. 

Kathy Daniel


What if you could influence the quality of your health, thoughts, behaviours and circumstance you attract into your life?  Medical intuition helps us do this by tapping into our unique Human Energy Field, which is composed of several layers of interconnected energy fields determining your health, thoughts, emotions, and automatic reactions to certain situations. Kathy Daniel is a highly skilled practitioner who uses kinesiology and essences to clear unhealthy blocks and limiting programs we have locked away in our Energy Field.

Happy kids Klinic


Breathing is the essence of life and this simple but powerful statement is put into practice in the Happy Kids Klinic.  Kids are coached online via Skype in the comfort of their own homes on using simple breathing activation exercises to energise their whole body. The changes in the kids who have undertaken this program is absolutely amazing.  If your child is having trouble sleeping, snores, is tired and grumpy, or struggling keeping focus as school then this program could be the key to changing this pattern in them forever, and ultimately changing their lives.

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