Tell us your story

Perhaps you’ve landed on this page through recommendation, word of mouth or even by way of a search of some kind. You could be Googling or maybe you’re searching for a solution to a complex health or injury problem. 

You may have reached this point of searching, looking for and setting the intention because you want change. Change for your body or even for your life. Often it’s simply a freedom from pain and sometimes a deeper enquiry into the origins and solutions for the lessons pain so often brings.

So many of us desire to be heard, listened to and considered carefully, especially from health professionals. Many are tired of being ushered in and rushed out. 

At Spiral Healings we spend time with you, not just your intake forms. 

We sit down and listen to your story. 

We ask questions and prompt you to look deeper. 

This space to be heard is the first, yet essential step to healing on a deeper level. Beyond just treating, prodding or cracking the body but really working as a team to go in and seek out the questions and answers for turning your weakness into your strength. 

We use a broad, integrated osteopathic approach, beginning from this place of listening and incorporating a fusion of our experience combined with osteopathic practice and considered referrals that can effectively assist the healing. 


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