What is Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a way of re-establishing a balance within the body.

In osteopathy we respect and understand the relationship between structure and function and how this is interconnected throughout the whole body. 

Osteopathy is not a “one size fits all” treatment. The purpose of osteopathy at Spiral Healings is not to “fix” you but to allow your body to support you in healing itself through effecting the inherent mechanisms it has towards maintaining its own balance. To promote the structure and function to work as close to harmony as possible.

To understand more consider the theory of Tensegrity. Originally established in architecture, tensegrity can be described as the integrity of a structure derived from the balance of tensions. 

Your body is one big tensility model, with each part influencing the next. The hip bone IS connected to the thigh bone! In fact, everything is connected within a web of muscles, bones, fascia and many other tissues and structures, each affecting the other. 

This sounds like a simple statement, but more often than not, your body is treated as separate parts! Shoulders, knees, ankles, heart, lungs, mind etc. However, the reality is, if parts of your body are strained, the load will be distributed throughout your body as best it can.

This knowledge of how tensegrity affects our body forms a huge dimension in our treatments. The muscles, skin and especially connective tissues are the tensional elements separated by the body’s harder elements like bones that act as the spacers and levers supporting the tension. 

Ultimately, our aim using osteopathy and our knowledge and experience of holistic health, sports performance and movement is to combine with this inherent tensegrity and allow the suspension of your tissues to return to function and beyond.